I have friends that are extraordinary examples of righteousness. Two qualities about them impress me. Two aspects about them are a mystery.

I was first touched by their humility. They quietly go about their inspired work without talking about it. One has to probe to learn what they do. One couple feeds the homeless. One man goes to the pier on Sundays to share the hope. One goes door-to-door sharing the Lord‘s love and brightening the day of lonely people.

Second is their consistency. They don’t do these acts once and walk away feeling smug as though they have performed a miracle. They do it over and over even when some days are a huge disappointment and others are a triumph.

The first mystery is the enigmatic mismatch between their charitable work and either their education or profession. The examples are countless: from the retired FBI agent who teaches chess to children to the corporate executive who wades into the slums handing out sandwiches. From the retired, independent couple who play piano and sing with the lonely folks in assisted living facilities to the man who drives the 30-mile round-trip to have dinner with his Alzheimer-trapped mother almost every evening. Then there is the almost 80-year-old retired farmer who travels halfway around the world to kneel in the dirt of volcanic soil to teach an impoverished woman how to plant an avocado tree.  She is then empowered to grow food for her family and many others.

The second mystery is how close in time and place they pass by each other without knowing the deeds and love of their fellow travelers.

“For we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.“ These nowadays modern Saints are like fireflies. The beauty of their light is only enhanced by the darkness which surrounds them.

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